FVM Hackathon Cheatsheat: A comprehensive list of all resources to get started on FVM.

How to store data on Filecoin using FVM: A step-by-step guide to store files on the Filecoin network (Hyperspace testnet) using FVM.

Introduction to Filecoin: Filecoin documentation covering what is Filecoin, how it works, and what is FIL token used for             

Introduction to FVM: FVM documentation covering the fundamentals of FVM, along with hands-on tutorials, videos, and reference resources

What is FEVM: An Introduction to Filecoin EVM and the difference/relationship between the FVM and FEVM 

FEVM Posts: A collection of posts for building on FEVM, from contract deployment via hardhat, MetaMask configuration, to address management 

Tools and Technologies

FVM Quickstart Guide: FVM walk-through guide for wallet setup and contract deployment with Remix

FVM Toolkit References: Lists a collection of tools and resources you can use to build on top of the Filecoin network using the FVM

Using Remix with FEVM: A live walk-through demo for setting up a wallet and using Remix to deploy a smart contract on FEVM

Metamask and Faucet Guide: A walkthrough tutorial to integrate FIL into MetaMask using the Wallaby testnet

FEVM Example Actor: A workshop for programming the Filecoin deal market and making Filecoin Data DAOs compatible with the FVM  

Lending Pool: A detailed cookbook for building an automated lending pool using Lotus and FEVM


Example Use Cases: The Request for Startup blog post outlines several exciting opportunities and ideas that can be built on FVM

Data DAO/Perpetual Storage: FVM FIP discussion forum includes several solution blueprints for building on FVM, including data DAO and perpetual storage use case

Contact Us & Support Channels

FVM Developer Forum: This is where you raise questions for support, start discussions with builders, and find a number of developer resources

FVM Official Site: Official site for FVM, with thorough references to FVM overview, timeline, and developer resources

Filecoin Virtual Machine: Overview spec that introduced Filecoin Virtual Machine to Filecoin, with architecture overview 

Ref-FVM Implementation: Reference FVM implementation that Protocol Labs developed, written in Rust 

Atomic Switch to Non-programmable FVM: Spec for an atomic switch from the legacy VM to a non-programmable version of the Filecoin Virtual Machine 

Gas Made Adjustments for User-programmability with the FVM: This spec introduces gas model adjustment for user programmability with the FVM

CF4 Address for User-defined Actor: This FIP adds an extensible address class, f4, to support the creation of new user-defined actor addressing schemes