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7 months ago

May 2nd Workshop Recordings

Missed out on yesterday's workshops?

Don't worry. We got you covered!

Check out the recordings below:

FVM 101 & AMA by Sarah Thiam, FVM

FVM Building Blocks: Programmable Storage Market by Matt Hamilton, FVM

Getting Tellor Data for any Use Case (AMA) by Tim Kernell, Tellor

Lighthouse: Perpetual storage on Filecoin and Building Token Gated Dapps by Nandit & Ravish, Lighthouse

Programmatic Signing with Lit Protocol by Debbie Ly, Lit Protocol: 

Tune in to Twitch: @ 11 ET, May 3 to catch the other upcoming workshops!

You can reach all the workshop speakers on IPFS Discord: To get the hacker role:


Filecoin Hackathons team